*Original Margarita
- Natural Lime flavored, green in color. Definitely the best around! Kick it up a notch with a quality Tequila or Vodka. Cointreau or Gran Manier also gives it a boost!

*Strawberry - With real bits of Strawberry, Delicious! Great with Tequila, Rum, Vodka or Virgin for the Kids. A Reliable Standard!

*Pina Colada - Pina Colada flavor, Coconut/Pineapple. Aloha! Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum makes it a winner. Mixes well with Strawberry, Banana, Mudslide or Goombay Smash for your party’s Finale!

*Rum Runner - Pineapple, Banana, Blackberry, Grenadine & Orange. East Coast Favorite, purplish color. A light Bacardi works great but also excellent with Vodka or 99 Bananas schnapps.

*Louisiana Hurricanes - Passion fruit flavor, red in color. You'll think you're at Mardi Gras! We’ve always used Rum or Vodka but Southern Comfort is a growing favorite.

*Go Bananas - Natural Banana flavor. Rum, Vodka, or 99 Bananas makes this a killer. Mixes well with Mudslide, Strawberry, or Pina Colada for a new twist. 

*Go Mango - Authentic Mango flavor, orange in color. One of our personal favorites. Awesome with Bacardi O, Absolute Mandarin or Tequila. Order extra mixes, your gonna need em!

*Razzmatazzberry - Natural Raspberry flavor. Another Brain Freezing Favorite! Rum, Vodka, Tequila, are great, Black Hause Schnapps Is just a little bit better!

*Tropical Punch - Tropical Punch, Pineapple, Orange, Lime flavor, red in color. Yah Mon! Anything with a Proof works in this one! The epitome of the "Jungle Juice" Legends.

*Summertime Lemonade - Like a Lemon ice from the Jersey Boardwalk. Add your own Kick! Rum, Vodka, and Tequila are a standard but I still prefer Stoli Raspberry for that favorite summer drink, Raspberry Lemonade!

*Goombay Smash - Pineapple, Coconut, Fruit flavor, red in color. Mix in the Rum or Vodka, No Problem! Mixes well with Pina Colada when the party shifts gears.

*Peach - No need for Peach Schnapps, the flavor is already here in spades! Just Add Rum, Vodka or Champagne for the Peach Belini you’ve only heard about.

*Mud Slide - A chocolaty treat great with Vanilla Stoli.
                              For you adventurers, add 1 bottle each of Stoli Vanilla, Kaluha, Baileys, and Frangelica for the mythical Russian Qualude!

*Pain Killer - Orange, Pineapple, Coconut. Just add Rum or Vodka and you will be back for more.

*Dreamcicle  - Remember orange creamcicles.

*Blue Raspberry - A kid's favorite.

*Watermelon - Just like a piece of ice-cold watermelon.

*Mai Tai - "Mai Tai, -Roa Ae!", which in Tahitian means "Out of this world, the best!". Rum never had it so good.

*Cherry Bomb   - A new one for the kids, just like the ones from the 7-11.

The Margarita Man will provide all mix to be used during the rental period. Each 1/2 gallon bottle mixed with the recommended amounts of water and alcohol will yield approximately 75 - 8oz. servings. The yield of each mix is variable based on the amount of alcohol used.

One bottle of mix is included with each machine rental. Additional bottles at $25.00 each can be left at party upon request to be used as needed. Any unopen bottles will be picked up with machine at no charge.

Be Safe...Please Don't Drink and Drive